Monday, June 28, 2010

Straight talk: an example (5) – Stefan Molyneux

For educational purposes, we writers should occasionally read or listen to a sample of straight talk. It doesn’t matter whether we agree or disagree with the content – what matters is the expression. Reading or hearing straight talk can help make us more aware of the evasive diction that constantly besets us.

Here are a few examples of straight talk from the philosopher and author Stefan Molyneux (pictured). The podcasts referenced are available on his web site.

On the hypocrisy of the masses

“Forget about what people say; 99.999 percent of what anybody ever says is just self-serving, self-aggrandizing, hypocritical nonsense designed to obscure their own motives from themselves and others.” From “Helping the Poor” (podcast), January 25, 2006.

On culture

“What we call ‘culture’ is just the scar tissue that’s inflicted on children through propaganda by the ruling classes so that we’ll continue to be slaves.” From “Culture and State Power” (podcast), June 19, 2006.

On hope

“No matter how long we are propagandized, we still have a human nature that appeals to us, which we can listen to or not.” From “Slaves, Statists and Children – Compliance Part 2” (podcast), August 15, 2006.

The Takeaway: Many of us are startled when we read or hear straight talk. We react this way because we have been habituated to euphemistical, effete, evasive diction (sample here). I advise you to occasionally read or listen to some straight talk. By contrast, it will help you remain consciously aware of evasiveness – and therefore less likely to unconsciously absorb and imitate evasive diction.

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