Monday, March 21, 2011

Straight talk: an example (10) – Omid Malekan

For educational purposes, we writers should occasionally read, listen to, or view an example of straight talk. It doesn’t matter whether we agree or disagree with the statements – what matters is the way the statements are expressed. This exercise can, by contrast, make us more aware of the evasive diction that besets us every day, so we won’t unconsciously imitate it.

An example of straight talk

In this 7-minute animated video, Omid Malekan uses straight talk to demystify “quantitative easing” and the Federal Reserve System. This video has been viewed more than four million times.

The Takeaway: Many of us are startled by straight talk. We react this way because we have been habituated to euphemistical, effete, evasive diction. I advise you to occasionally read, listen to, or view some straight talk. By contrast, it will help you remain consciously aware of evasiveness – and therefore less likely to unconsciously absorb and imitate evasive diction.

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