Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time out for a little nonsense

Clarity, schmarity. Time out for a little nonsense.

Birdle Burble
By Alan Watts

I went out of my mind and then came to my senses
By meeting a magpie who mixed up his tenses,
Who muddled distinctions of nouns and of verbs,
And insisted that logic is bad for the birds.

With a poo-wee cluck and a chit, chit-chit;
The grammar and meaning dont matter a bit.

The stars in their courses have no destination;
The train of events will arrive at no station;
The inmost and ultimate self of us all
Is dancing on nothing and having a ball.

So with chat for chit and with tat for tit,
This will be that, and that will be it.

The Takeaway: Be here now.

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