Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grammar errors (2) -- common errors in the workplace

In case you missed it, yesterday The Wall Street Journal ran an article about common grammar errors in the workplace and how various companies try to prevent them. An excerpt:

“I’m shocked at the rampant illiteracy” on Twitter, says Bryan A. Garner, author of “Garner's Modern American Usage” and president of LawProse, a Dallas training and consulting firm. He has compiled a list of 30 examples of “uneducated English,” such as saying “I could care less,” instead of “I couldn't care less,” or, “He expected Helen and I to help him,” instead of “Helen and me.”

The Takeaway: This is a great time to improve your grammar. Grammar proficiency in the workplace is so low that it is easy to make yourself stand out as a diligent writer and speaker.

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