Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to write for the Internet

If you’re looking for guidance on how to write for the Internet, the place to start is this 756-word article. It’s from the incomparable writing coach Daphne Gray-Grant and it contains crucial information that is known by fewer than one-tenth of one percent of writers.

For example:

“Furthermore, the width of a standard column on the Internet is often too wide for the human eye. (When I worked in the newspaper biz, I was always told that you should multiply the point size you used by two to determine what should be the maximum column width in picas. Thus, anything in 9 pt type should be no more than 18 picas wide, or about three inches.) Many Internet sites have columns far wider than three inches!” (Boldface in original. Italics in original. Link in original.)

Like everything Daphne Gray-Grant writes, the article will help you save time and avoid frustration.

The Takeaway: Read Daphne Gray-Grant’s brief guide to writing for the Internet. Then follow it and make it a part of you.

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