Monday, April 28, 2014

Random thoughts (3)

Have you ever wondered about signs like the one pictured above? I mean, is the property owner asking the local police to watch for trespassers? Or is he warning the reader (potential trespasser) that the local police do indeed watch for trespassers?

My Internet service provider’s monthly statement displays a telephone number and a snail mail address, but no website address. That seems wrong somehow.

I just learned that there is a phenomenon called “The Starbucks Effect.” It is illustrated here.

Today, it seems everything we do is an experience. Unless it lasts more than a day – then it’s a journey. And the journey must be on a path. And we must follow that path with passion. And perhaps with a soul mate (someone who shares our belief system and has a similar moral compass). Is it only me, or does this diction also strike you as histrionic and callow?

According to Wikipedia, the George Washington Bridge (pictured – what a beautiful bridge!) is known informally as the GWB (and other acronyms). The acronym GWB works well when written (three letters vs. 24 letters), but not when spoken (five syllables vs. five syllables.) The busy New Yorker who says GEE-DUH-BUL-YOU-BEE actually saves no time.

And that reminds me of Malibu, which the locals call “The ‘Bu.” One hipster reportedly explained that the reason people don’t say the whole name Malibu is that “it takes longer, and then you’ll be old.”*

The Takeaway: Be here now.

Due credit: I shamelessly copied the title of this series of posts from my favorite columnist, the incisive Thomas Sowell, who writes a column called “Random Thoughts.”

*This quotation is from memory and may be inaccurate. I do not recall where I read the original quotation; possibly in Joan Didion. If you know where it appeared, please post a comment, or email me at joeroy(at)joeroy(dot)com. Thanks.

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  1. Or that sign could mean that the police, in particular, should not trespass. Take notice, Mr. Policeman: I don't want you looking at where my cattle are grazing!

  2. Ha ha! Good one. And you have caught Mr. Clarity in a false dichotomy.

    1. I had listed only two possibilities and you pointed out a third.