Monday, July 28, 2014

Placement of modifiers (27)


Be especially careful when placing only; most writers get it wrong most of the time. For example, “’s Twitter policy to only suspend parody accounts when the person or entity in question is the one doing the objecting.” (Link in original omitted here.)
Better:’s Twitter policy to suspend parody accounts only when the person...
From sportswriter Phil Mushnick: “This Jalen Rose now blames his transgressions — including theft, while an NBA player — as ‘the Detroit coming out in me.’ What does that mean? As a black man from Detroit we should expect no better?”
Better:  As a black man from Detroit I can do no better.
“The Rockabilly Hall of Fame was established on the internet on March 21, 1997, to present early rock and roll history and information relating to the artists and personalities involved in this American music genre. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, the first induction certificate was issued on November 16, 1997, for singer Gene Vincent.” (Source) (Links in original omitted here.)
Better:  The Rockabilly Hall of Fame, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, was established on the internet....
The Takeaway: Whenever you are writing something for publication – even if it’s “just” a blog – try to have an experienced editor read your copy.

See disclaimer.

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