Thursday, November 6, 2014

A few amusing examples of mixed metaphors (20)

Sheryl Sandberg
Mixed metaphors can be amusing. However, we writers are usually more interested in informing and persuading our readers than in amusing them. Mixed metaphors may distract our readers and impede information and persuasion. Here are three recent examples of mixed metaphors:

“...Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook whose only claim to fame is that she was on the right boat when it hit pay dirt.” (Boldface added.) (Source)
“Now it appears the new fangs of Title IX will be collecting scalps in a different way.” (Boldface added.) (Source)
“Google AdSense and SBI! are the perfect hand-in-glove fit for you to get your feet wet in the waters of e-business.” (Boldface added.) (Source)

The Takeaway: Mixed metaphors can distract your readers. In some cases, they make your prose impossible to understand. Ideally, you should have someone edit your copy, because it is difficult to spot your own mixed metaphors.

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