Monday, April 4, 2011

Circumlocution (1)

A circumlocution is a roundabout expression. Circumlocution is the use of such expressions.

Circumlocution hurts both the writer and the reader. It hurts the writer by allowing him to write vaguely and evasively instead of precisely and directly. It hurts the reader by making it more difficult for him to determine what the writer is trying to say – or is trying not to say.

Some popular circumlocutions

I am enamored of (or with) – for I love or I cherish

I am supportive of – for I support or I advocate

I am comfortable with – for I accept or I tolerate

I am uncomfortable with – for I dislike or I disdain

The Takeaway: The more you rely on circumlocution, the flabbier your brain gets. Use circumlocutions sparingly if at all.

See disclaimer.

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