Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mr. Clarity’s vacation

My wife and I recently took a 5-day trip to Portland and Bar Harbor, Maine. The trip was enjoyable and relaxing. I was off-duty, but I couldn’t help noticing two things:

A rare error at the art museum

At the Portland Museum of Art, the information card next to Winslow Homer’s Artists Sketching in the White Mountains reads in part, “The practice of plein-air painting was a basic tenant [sic for tenet] of [a certain school of art].” Even in this age of careless writing, museum staffs rarely make that kind of mistake.

A company with a pompous tagline

On the Portland waterfront is a fishing company called “North Atlantic, Inc.” The company’s tagline is “Innovative Seafood Solutions.” My first impulse was to telephone the company and say that I had a refrigerated tractor-trailer full of frozen haddock, and the compressor had conked out, and the load was melting – and ask if the company had a solution for my problem. But I figured the company was probably tired of jokes like that.

The Takeaway: Enjoy your day.

See disclaimer.

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  1. When I read "Innovative Seafood Solutions," I imagined a big vat of fish and lobster bits dissolved in a salty broth, to be served up (hot or cold!) in mugs. Yuck! But then, I grew up in a fishing town and was treated by the Girl Scouts to tours of fish processing plants.

    As to museums making mistakes, it happens a lot. I once exhibited a Tibetan manuscript upside down. Another time I exhibited a German book with a label for an English book. Nobody noticed for weeks.